OneShot Energy GoldNutrition

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One Shot Energy Formula om het energieniveau en de concentratie te verbeteren

Energie / functionele drank voor:

  • Verhoog energieniveaus

  • Verhoog de concentratie

  • Om de alertheid en het reactievermogen te verbeteren.

One Shot Energy GoldNutrition® is een functionele en energieke drank in shot-formaat, met slechts 60 ml, speciaal gemaakt voor momenten waarop uw organisme zijn niveaus van energie en concentratie moet intensiveren. 

Verpakking: verkrijgbaar in een doos van 20 stuk of per stuk 

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  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases attention span
  • Improves alertness and responsiveness

Samenstelling per shot

  • 800 mg Guarana +
  • 750 mg Taurine +
  • 500 mg L-Arginine +
  • 250 mg Choline citrate +
  • 200 mg D-Glucuronolactone +
  • 100 mg Ginseng + 1
  • 25 mg Magnesium +
  • 16 mg Niacin +
  • 6 mg Pantothenic Acid +
  • 400 μg Folic Acid +
  • Vitamins B6 + B12.2 g


One shot ENERGY GoldNutrition® is a functional and energetic drink available in 60ml shot format, specially created for moments when your organism needs to intensify its levels of energy and concentration. This revolutionary and next generation formula combines plants extracts with various nutrients such as taurine and L-Arginine, with minimum levels of calories.

One Shot Energy contains Guarana, an excellent source of slow liberation caffeine, which prolongs the stimulant effect, for a longer period of time. The combination of Guarana with taurine and Ginseng allows One Shot Energy to increase not only energy levels but also the awareness state, concentration and the ability to respond to various stimuli.

These unique characteristics alongside with an easy, on-the-go format, make OneShot Energy, a unique drink, that can be taken in a wide range of situations such as before exams, important meetings, during long distance trips by car or one can take it in order to enjoy a night out after a hard work week or to recover from a bad night sleep.

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